Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wagging Tails

Another trip to the local canal.

A sunny day had brought the butterflies out including this female Orange-tip. 

Further along the path this male Chaffinch was filling the air with his song.

Hearing a Cuckoo in the distance it was fitting that I found some Cuckoo flowers.

Stopping by one of the locks I watched a Pied wagtail.

There were quite a few Caddis flies about some being taken by fish but this one was in a safer area.

Nearing an area of reeds and willows the air was full of the songs of both Reed and Willow warblers together with Chiffchaffs and Reed buntings. 

 I walked towards the area where I had seen a Grey wagtail on a previous visit and was delighted to see one on a fence. As I got closer I heard heavy breathing behind me and was overtaken by a jogger with two dogs. The wagtail did not move until they were a few feet away from it. I wondered how close I would have been able to get. The jogging group then stopped and turned  - the dogs wagging their tails - they were certainly enjoying their exercise . I nearly turned back myself but carried on and saw one wagtail on the far bank. Another appeared on my side and stayed as I slowly moved forward to taking photos at each step.

On the second photo you can see a Hawthorn fly - my first sighting of the year and a sure sign that May had arrived.

Highlights of the walk back included a Yellowhammer

and a Lapwing.

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