Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Humble Pie and Blue Sky

Today we had a trip to Whitby.

Starting at the Abbey we walked past the pond and saw the four Aylesbury ducks that arrived in March after being donated by a couple from East Yorkshire to replace the previous ducks.

They seem very happy in their new home.

Swallows were collecting mud for nest building from the margins.

Walking through the visitor centre we looked across the courtyard back to the abbey.

Walking down the famous 199 steps gave us a good view over the rooftops

There was plenty of sunshine but with the wind blowing from the North it was on the chilly side. Whe had a good excuse then to pay a visit to the Humble Pie 'n' Mash cafe. 

After pie, mashed potato, peas and gravy we were well prepared to venture seaward.

With a strong Northerly there was plenty of surf.

Some hardy day trippers were enjoying a trip on the Endeavour pleasure boat.

We watched the Herring gulls for a while then headed back out of the wind to Whitby for a coffee.  

Our chosen place of refreshment was sadly closed however after a search for alternatives we discovered a gem in The Art Cafe who do an excellent cappuccino with the bonus of a delightful art gallery. A few pounds poorer but refreshed and with a couple of purchases we headed home.

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