Friday, 21 May 2010

Cuckoo Clocks

We went for a walk by the canal. 

Approaching a reed bed the air was filled with the sound of Reed warblers and Buntings. This Reed bunting stayed in view just long enough to get a photo.

 Further up two Chaffinches flew out of a Hawthorn bush and started a bit of aerial combat.

The Hawthorn bushes were all in flower

There was a field full of Dandelion clocks

 The white Dead nettles were in flower

as were the Red campion

Reed warblers can be hard to photograph as they are very active and often well into the reed bed. We found one on the edge in clear view but sadly two dog walkers who we had just passed us turned back and chose that spot and moment to throw a stick for their dog!

Resisting the temptation to throw them in after the stick - well that would have only scared the warblers even more :-)  - we moved on.

As it was a warm day there were Roach at the surface.

Where Rutilus Rutilus is Esox Lucius is never far away and sure enough we saw this Pike

After checking on some nesting swans (still sitting on their eggs) we returned to where the Reed warbler had been and luckily it  had returned

Moving down we heard a Cuckoo in the distance and then another closer on the far bank. Slowly moving towards it we managed to see it. 

Most stretches of the canal have Yellow water-lily and the first flower of the year had come out

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