Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Nesting Swans and the first Ducklings

A quick trip to the local canal revealed that nature is certainly getting on with things.

We were pleased to see the first Mallard ducklings. These delightful creatures dart about like some sort of battery powered bath toy oblivious (probably for the best) to the dangers above and below the water.

A male Mallard seemed to be keeping a close eye on me as I photographed the ducklings but I suspect he was more interested in food than protecting the young ones.

Further down we saw a swan nesting with a male close by.

A friendly walker told us he had seen a deer lower down but I thought his dogs would have disturbed them and did not hurry. A grey wagtail appeared for a few seconds but I did not get a sharp photo. We then saw the deer. They had not been disturbed after all and we were able to observe them for a short while.

We moved on and saw this Peacock butterfly. One of the first I have seen this year.

Our last discovery of the walk was a clump of Yellow Archangel - sometimes called Yellow dead-nettle.

We then made our return. It had been a very interesting walk.

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