Monday, 20 September 2010

Damp Dalby

Sunday started with heavy rain but we had planned a walk in Dalby Forest and as brighter spells were forecast for later we saw no reason to change to plan b (not that there was one). Anyway I do think that getting out for a walk on rainy days is better than staying in.

Due to the weather I decided to leave my dslrs at home and took my waterproof Fuji compact. 

When we arrived it was still raining but the trees sheltered us from the worst of the weather. 

I find mushrooms very difficult to identify unless on a supermarket shelf and although I have looked through my copy of Mushrooms of Britain & Europe (Collins) I am stuck with this one:-

One of the few I can identify is the well known Fly Agaric

But these also have me stumped  - I found two or three that looked similar but could not with any certainty decide between them:-

Walking through the forest we noticed some leaves turning to their autumn colours

We walked for a few miles and saw little wildlife (Mrs Wolds-End saw a Roe deer but by the time I turned around it had gone). There had been a group of people showing true British spirit by having a BBQ and they had left some bread for the wildlife - a pair of crows soon moved in to eat the leftovers.

Although the rain had eased off the promised bright spells did not appear until we were well on the way home. Still it had been and interesting walk and we had explored new (to us) parts of the forest - it is a place that I like more each time we visit.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Friday Fungi

A trip to Allerthorpe wood on an overcast day with the  odd shower presented us with an abundance of fungi to photograph.

This moth was determined to walk across the path rather than fly.

I have so far failed to identify it - any help would be appreciated.

There was a plentiful supply of blackberries on the edge of the woodland.

Mrs Wolds-End spotted this group of Ladybirds

Walking across Allerthorpe Common we saw this Dragonfly but it soon disappeared.

There were quite a few spiders webs about with the occupants awaiting a meal.

I was surprised to have found the walk hard work but now realised I was running a temperature.  I was getting the first cold of the year - I hate colds - but then who doesn't.

As Summer comes to an end in the wood Autumn approaches with all the photographic opportunities it brings. So at least I have something to think about while I wrap myself up and raid the medicine cabinet for cold remedies (do any really work) for the next couple of days.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Flying Dragons

Sunshine was forecast for the morning with rain later so as soon as I could I grabbed my camera and went to the local canal.

I have not been for a number of weeks and with all the berries on the trees there was a late summer look. 

The wind was very strong but in the shelter of some trees and undergrowth I saw this Southern hawker dragonfly

and a Speckled wood butterfly

reaching a bridge I looked down to see a Common darter clinging to the wall

I spent a few minutes trying to get a photo of a Migrant hawker in flight

In sheltered areas of the footpath Common darters were enjoying the sunshine

As the wind got stronger everything seemed to take cover. There were a few Small tortoiseshell butterflies flying close to the ground but they were too active to get a decent photo as they only landed for a short time. Through gaps in the lilies I could see some good sized Roach hanging in the crystal clear water.

Work beckoned and building clouds in the distance promised rain (although it did not arrive until early evening). It had been a very warm but windy walk with lots of activity from dragonflies.