Saturday, 28 January 2012

First Visit

Carp Lake

It seems like ages since Mrs WoldsEnd and I had a nature walk. We were busy most of last year with our new cottage on the coast. It is only a few miles from Bempton Cliffs but we had little time for more than a couple of quick visits there and even less time to venture out to other places.

Seeing good weather forecast for Saturday we decided to get out and visit a new place for us - North Cave Wetlands

It is one of those places that we have been wanting to visit but have not got around to it. On arrival we were encouraged by the sound and then sight of geese.

Setting off to walk round we were met by a member of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and encouraged by him telling us what we may see (the Marsh Harrier managed to avoid us!) and also future plans to enlarge the reserve. Although it is free entry I was pleased that I was a member as it seems they spend the money well.

 Turret Hide

There are a number of hides and a new one being built. We gave these a miss as we wanted to explore the reserve and anyway they seemed rather busy. Walking along the path the sound of the birds was only occasionally interrupted by traffic on the road that runs along one side of the reserve. There were a couple of feeding stations attracting Tits and Finches together with some rabbits.

Sitting on a bench we saw some Long-tailed tits who stayed awhile until disturbed by a couple deep in conversation. It was such a peaceful day that any noise made the birds in the surrounding trees fly away.

Most of the waterfowl were well away from the public areas having a mid-afternoon snooze.

Occasionally however some birds would take to the sky.

With temperatures dropping we walked along the track at the side and stopped at The Wild Bird Cafe for some warming drinks.

The sun had decided to pop behind some clouds but as we walked to the Turret hide it came out again.

Some of the geese became restless and flew away to the surrounding fields.

North Cave Wetlands is a super reserve that we have been missing out on but after our first visit we are determined to return on a regular basis. If you do visit please consider joining the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust - you will see what good work they do.
As the sun went down we returned to the car and a friendly Great tit bid us farewell