Sunday, 16 January 2011

A quick visit to Bempton

This Sunday Mrs Wolds-End and I had reason to visit the Filey area. It would have been a shame not to drive a few miles further to check up on what was happening at Bempton Cliffs and early afternoon saw us arrive in the car park at the same time as a heavy shower. Looking inland there was no sign of an end to the rain-laden clouds. Stepping out of the car the familiar call of a herring gull (is it me or do they really sound to have more joy in their calls near the sea rather than inland?) made me forget how damp it was and I was eager to see what other birds were about. So we donned waterproofs and headed through the visitor centre. We were informed that Guillemots had returned to the cliffs - perhaps due to good fishing nearby and as we walked down the path we could hear them.

Their visit will only be temporary and they will be off out to sea soon returning in March for the breeding season.

Gannets were to be seen flying near the sea and there were also some Fulmars.
Our brief visit had certainly been worthwhile and we look forward to the months ahead when we can spend more time at Bempton.

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