Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New visitors

How nice it has been today to see sunshine and blue sky. The grass on the lawn seems to have started growing and green shoots are appearing in the flowerbeds. 

There has been lots of activity from the local bird life. It is so nice to hear them singing on a morning.

Looking out at the feeders this lunchtime I saw a different bird feeding on nyjer seed. It was a Lesser redpoll - the first time I have seen one in the garden. On closer inspection there seemed to be three of them.

Although at times they would share the feeder they seemed reluctant to do so and if more than two birds were on it at once they would chase them away as this Goldfinch found out a few seconds after I took the photo.

They would not even share amongst themselves.
They did however all manage their fill of seeds and the Goldfinches reluctantly backed off but soon returned as the redpolls flew away.

The back garden does not get much sun at this time of year and the feeders were in shadow but luckily they spent a few seconds in one of the trees which was bathed in light. I was however balanced on the kitchen worktop at this point shooting through the glass so no prizes will be won although maybe I deserve one for not falling into the sink!

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