Monday, 24 January 2011

If You Go Down To The Wood Today - It May Be For Sale

A nice day meant I was keen to get out and a quick trip to Allerthorpe Wood would fit in with the day's tasks.
At the entrance to the wood was a sign warning of a potential sale. Now I had heard something about this but to be honest had put further research into the matter on the to do list. So well done whoever put the sign up - it really made me think that perhaps the government was serious about this.

As I walked around the wood appreciating the scenery and wildlife I started to think how lucky we are to have access to such places and what a good job the Forestry Commission are doing at managing them.  Surely these woods have more value to the people than the amount of money they could be sold for.

 I imagined possible reasons for anyone wanting to buy woodland. Would commercial pressures mean the scenery we currently enjoy would only be thought of in monetary terms.

Gradually I came to the conclusion that if it was a mistake to sell off the woodland it would be a lot harder to restore things back to how they are now.

This beautiful scenery is too valuable to risk and it would be far safer to stop any sale rather than risk this natural treasure of the nation falling into the hands of those who can only see the value in terms of money.

I had spoken to a lady who was feeding the birds to help them through the harsh winter we have had. As she walked to the feeding point the trees filled with birds showing just how much life there is within the wood. Sometimes nature needs our help.

High up in the trees I saw some Goldcrests I tried to get a photograph but only managed a blurred one but good enough to confirm the identity. Turning round I saw a dog walker further up the path who had seen me with my camera and was waiting so as not to disturb the birds.

 I passed a tree that had held onto its dead leaves over winter and heard a rustle - was it caused by a gust of wind or was it the tree trembling with fear for what may come.

Concerned by the plans I decided to sign the petition here and also the Woodland Trust's

I hope the government see the light and abandon any thoughts of a sale.

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