Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Upsetting the Balance

For one reason or another my nature walks have been few this year. Today however I was under strict instructions from Mrs WoldsEnd to get out into the fresh air and enjoy what was a perfect spring day. 
There was hardly a cloud in the sky and a very light breeze. The early morning frost had gone and the temperature was rising. 

Off I went to Allerthorpe Wood.

On arrival I was met with this notice next to a bird feeding station with instructions not to feed the birds due to the food attracting rats.

It seems well intentioned people have upset the balance. I wonder where the rats will go now - they are only wild animals trying to survive so maybe they will find more food in the nearby piggery.

A little further along this Tree sparrow was fortunate enough to have found some food.

There was plenty of activity from the Grey squirrels

I carried on with my walk enjoying the warmth from the sun and the blue sky

I was not the only one enjoying the sun

There were quite a few birds high in the trees but this Goldcrest was lower down.

The peaceful day was interrupted by the sound of heavy machinery and it seemed some work was being carried out in the woodland. I headed back altering my route to avoid an area from which the sound of voices and chainsaws emanated.


  1. I love to see a Goldcrest, I have one that visits next doors conifer which is only 20 foot from my back door but I only ever seem to see it around dusk and never manage to capture a decent photo.

  2. Nice photos - can't remember the last time I bumped into a Tree Sparrow, lovely!

  3. nice to meet you .. I really enjoyed your photos in this lovely post :-)

    yes, we were a bit too enthusiastic putting food out for the birds during the snow this year and had a rat coming to clear up the leftovers. its so easy to get it wrong while trying to get it right! i thought the rat was rather a handsome fellow, too.