Friday, 16 March 2012

Courting Gulls and Avocets

The weather has played tricks on me again. A gorgeous Spring morning with lovely blue sky persuaded me to get out with my camera but I had a few tasks to perform first. As lunchtime approached the clouds appeared but the odd sunny spell encouraged me to think all was not lost.

Camera gear packed I headed down the road but as the miles passed by the cloud cover increased. far in the distance things looked brighter but alas when I arrived at North Cave Wetlands the sky was a uniform grey and a chilly breeze had sprung up.

I decided to walk around first before visiting the cafe even though it was lunchtime.

A Great crested grebe was feeding and every so often dived in search of fish.

This female Tufted duck kept turning onto her back to groom her front.

Although it no longer felt like spring there were signs that the year was moving on. I sat on one of the benches and nearby was this Coltsfoot.

There were plenty of Black-headed gulls some of which were starting their courtship which is quite an interesting performance. The duck below seemed to agree.

All around where signs that the breeding season is starting with nest building and courtship.

I was delighted to see a group of over 20 Avocets which I would have missed if it not had been for a birder telling me they could be seen from the Turret hide.

They flew from the Island lake to the Village lake.

There were also a few Shelducks

But less geese than my last visit

The cold breeze had now got to me so I made my way slowly back to the cafe for a cup of coffee stopping to take a few more photos.


I also spotted this Little grebe


 Black-headed gull

My bird identification skills have much room for improvement and I am not sure what this bird is so any help would be appreciated. I am thinking it is a Godwit but if so is it a Black-tailed or Bar-tailed.
I only saw it for a few seconds and it was some distance away so it is not a good photograph.

I sat in the car enjoying my coffee and slowly warming up. listening to the sounds of the birds. It had been a changeable day but one I would remember for the Avocets as it is the first time I have seen any.

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