Monday, 20 September 2010

Damp Dalby

Sunday started with heavy rain but we had planned a walk in Dalby Forest and as brighter spells were forecast for later we saw no reason to change to plan b (not that there was one). Anyway I do think that getting out for a walk on rainy days is better than staying in.

Due to the weather I decided to leave my dslrs at home and took my waterproof Fuji compact. 

When we arrived it was still raining but the trees sheltered us from the worst of the weather. 

I find mushrooms very difficult to identify unless on a supermarket shelf and although I have looked through my copy of Mushrooms of Britain & Europe (Collins) I am stuck with this one:-

One of the few I can identify is the well known Fly Agaric

But these also have me stumped  - I found two or three that looked similar but could not with any certainty decide between them:-

Walking through the forest we noticed some leaves turning to their autumn colours

We walked for a few miles and saw little wildlife (Mrs Wolds-End saw a Roe deer but by the time I turned around it had gone). There had been a group of people showing true British spirit by having a BBQ and they had left some bread for the wildlife - a pair of crows soon moved in to eat the leftovers.

Although the rain had eased off the promised bright spells did not appear until we were well on the way home. Still it had been and interesting walk and we had explored new (to us) parts of the forest - it is a place that I like more each time we visit.


  1. Enjoyed a quick look at your blog having discovered you have Birds2blog on your 'Blog List' which I really appreciate, amazing what you can find out on the internet on a daily basis.

    Sorry but I can find no way of calling you other than 'Wolds End Tog' but my regards all the same.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I enjoy your Birds2blog and your last post Paying The Price - I would have avoided those noisy hides also.