Sunday, 21 February 2010

Saturday - a return with wellingtons!

After the poor light of Friday afternoon the clear blue sky of Saturday morning encouraged me to revist the Pocklington Canal. As soon as I suggested the idea to Mrs Wolds End the first clouds appeared (why is it that changing weather is often repeated the next day?). 
On arriving at the flooded fields visited yesterday a large cloud obscured the Sun and although I could see sun shining on the Wolds in the distance the cloud and sun kept pace with each other and the area we were in only occasionaly benefited from bright sunlight. The water levels had dropped a little but this time I had been reminded to take my wellingtons and the flooded parts of the path were crossed with ease.

The flooded fields bordering the canal were occupied by Mute swans, Canada and Greylag geese, Teal, Wigeon, Pochard, Pintail and Shoveler. Lapwing were in the air but not in quite as large a quantity as Friday.

Something further down caused a disturbance and everything took to the sky for a short time and the air was full of a variety of species which was quite a sight. After a short while they all returned to the water and surrounding banks.

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