Monday, 22 February 2010

The return of the Jay

There was a new covering of snow on Sunday and I thought there was a good chance of one or both of the local Jays returning to the garden. They are very shy and fly off at the slightest disturbance but I hoped the offer of a few peanuts may tempt them to hang around.

Sure enough in the late morning one appeared. There was always a twig or branch in the way but I managed a few photos before the other Jay flew in but being more nervous than the other it took flight after a second or two with the first Jay following shortly after.

Hopefully this year I will get some better shots of these birds. This time however I was more concerned that they got some extra food as it had been a very cold night and was very careful not to disturb them.

1 comment:

  1. There is often a twig or two to block a good view of garden bird.We like to keep adding perches or look out posts around the feeders and they often do give you a good shot. Still all said and done I would be pleased with the shot as I know how tricky Jays can be be.