Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Clouds Go On Holiday

Sun was forecast for today. The early morning mist looked different, a prelude to a hot day? Wishful thinking, no, a breeze got up, the mist went, it became a sunny day.

I walked out of the shower and Wolds-End Tom appeared wanting attention. After a good fuss he walked off and went under the bed (his hideaway), strange, he loves being outside, especially on a day such as this. Walking into the back garden I discovered the bird table had "fallen over" . Something had been going on, but thankfully there were no feathered of feline injuries other than perhaps a shocked Tom who was now recovering having a catnap.I had plenty to do, but this day was too good to miss. 

A camera was grabbed, a summer shirt ironed and off I went for a quick walk. A few hundred yards down the road and I decided to extend the route I had planned. There is a small nature reserve on the edge of the village which I have only visited a couple of times.The air was heavy with the almost honey like sweet smell from the oilseed rape. The blue sky and bright yellow flowers added much welcome colour to a landscape that had been grey and brown for too many months.

A Wood pigeon met me on the track to the reserve.

There is a pond in the nature reserve and as I arrived a fish, perhaps a pike, swirled in the margins. It had gone before I could see it but later I saw a Roach of maybe 3/4lb. A pair of Grey wagtails were collecting food and disappearing into some hawthorn to feed their young. They were not disturbed by my intrusion and I managed some photos by keeping my distance and using the long zoom on the bridge camera I had with me.

A damselfly caught my attention and a photo was secured for identification later (a female Azure?).

I had discovered another path around this tiny reserve which led to me discovering another section with some more wildflowers.

Pond Water Crowfoot

Germander Speedwell

Cuckoo flower

I left the coolness of the tree lined pond and headed back into the increasingly warm day.

There was also a landscape shot that I had tried to take on another day but the sun had hidden as soon as I lifted the viewfinder to my eye. I liked the composition but not the lighting so I put it down for another day and today the lighting would be good.

A hen pheasant did a poor job of trying to hide from me in an open field.

Walking along the lane to the wood I nearly secured the shot I wanted. Although better lighting, as there was not a cloud in the sky, there was some heat haze in the distance so another visit will be required.

There were plenty of Orange-tips about but none stayed still long enough for a photo. A Green-veined white did though.

The shadow of the woodland drew me towards it. A Speckled wood fluttered past. 

I practiced macro shots with this Dandelion clock.

A Willow warbler (if my ID based on the colour of its feet is correct) landed in a nearby tree.It was obviously feeding young and did not wish to give their location away so it waited for me to pass before flying to the nest.

I took the long path through the wood, doubling back to enjoy the coolness before leaving and passing yet another bright yellow field.

On reaching home Wolds-End Tom appeared. The nap had restored his confidence and he felt safe outside again. We both sat in the shade having lunch, his from a bowl, mine from a plate and a blackbird joined us taking seed from the re-positioned bird table. He only got a brief glance from the previously naughty Tom - it was too hot for anything else.


  1. Naughty Tom! Nice photo of the Green Veined White, most definitely not a day to be indoors.

    1. Thankfully this hot weather has calmed the Tomcat down a bit. He does generally behave himself. The birds know him and keep a look out for him and he does let me know when other cats are hiding in the garden ( the problem with having a wildlife friendly garden is that it also attracts the neighbouring cats) so it isn't all bad.

      A Great tit is at this moment just announcing it has seen him.