Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sleeping Goosanders and battling Coots

I went in search of Goosanders at the Coppice Pond on the St. Ives Estate near Bingley. My mission was a partial success but I arrived just in time to see two pairs having their afternoon sleep on the island. Too distant to get a decent photograph with the 300mm lens I had with me.

The Black-headed gulls that spend winters on the pond have started to develop their summer plumage.

The main group of Canada geese have also returned. Last year their breeding attempts failed - human interference in the form of egg oiling was suspected. I hope this does not happen this year as the goslings are always a great attraction for visitors to the pond. There is a good population of Canada geese on the Coppice pond in the summer. I think this is due to the island being cleared of rhododendrons which now makes it ideal for breeding geese.

A visit to the hide overlooking the bird feeding area resulted in sightings of Blue and Great tits, Robins and Nuthatch.


What a fabulous looking bird the Nuthatch is.

Attempts to keep the Grey squirrels away from the feeders have not worked and there are usually quite a few having a feast.

Returning to the pond there was a quite noisy battle between two Coots another then came to the rescue of the one that had been forced underwater by the aggressor and they all went their separate ways.

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